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About the MTIC Team

The MTIC team is led by Professor Rod Hicks, an internationally-recognised leader in theranostics. By pioneering multi-tracer profiling of tumour heterogeneity, his innovative thinking and practical application of PET/CT and therapeutic nuclear medicine has enabled translation of personalised medicine from a lofty ideal into reality. After leaving the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where he built and directed a world-renowned nuclear medicine service over the past 30 years, Rod is now bringing his intellect and experience to the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre, which will be the first site to provide clinical and research services in partnership with Precision Molecular Imaging and Theranostics (PreMIT Pty Ltd). His national and international research network will bring innovative clinical trials and state-of-the-art treatment guidance to address the unmet needs of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases.

Clinically, Professor Hicks will be partnered at MTIC by Dr Robert Ware, who has more than 30-years of experience as a Nuclear Medicine Physician, and Dr Jason Callahan, who is our extremely talented Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Our fantastic Nuclear Medicine Technologist team of Hugh Morgan, Melissa Munro and Johanna Ingbritsen alongside our Theranostic Nurse Consultant Katherine Jaworski will strive to be a world-class clinical and research team to deliver unparalleled patient-centred PET/CT and theranostic services.

The MTIC team is united in their passion to improve the experience of diagnosis and treatment planning, and ultimately to deliver better patient outcomes.
Our research and development activities will be guided by an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board appointed by PreMIT.

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