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Dr Rob Ware

Nuclear Medicine Physician

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Dr Rob Ware is a founder and the Clinical Director of Cyclotek Australia Pty. Ltd., the major supplier of PET radiopharmaceuticals in Australia and New Zealand. As a Nuclear Medical Physician with more than 30 years of experience, including in the establishment of successful business ventures and research collaborations.

At MTIC, Rob will provide advice on priority areas for clinical research and regulatory approval processes.

Dr Ware was drawn to the discipline of nuclear medicine through understanding the power of molecular imaging and theranostic paradigms to improve patient outcomes.

Dr Ware founded the theranostics-focused company Tumour Targeting Technologies in 1997 and was a founding shareholder and Director of Cyclotek from 1999. Cyclotek has supplied research and clinical PET radiotracers produced to the standards of Good-Manufacturing Practice.

Rob has been a key investigator in several Phase 0/1 clinical trials and has keen interests in molecular imaging, theranostics, evidence-based medicine and health technology assessment. He recently led the successful application to the Australia Medicare Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) for reimbursement of prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) tracers for the staging and assessment of relapse of prostate cancer.

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