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What is Total Body PET Scanning?

A PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan is an imaging test that uses an injection of a radioactive pharmaceutical to highlight different metabolic processes and functions in the body. It is used to diagnose, stage and monitor cancers as well as imaging infection, injuries and dementia.
The Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre provides Total Body PET CT imaging using the Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra. This is the world's most advanced PET scanner for patients.  This scanner delivers:

Lower Radiation Dose

PET scans performed on the Quadra can be done with less than a third of the radiation dose required for standard PET scanners

More Accurate

The Quadra has the highest resolution and sensitivity of any PET scanner on the market.

Faster Scan Times

A whole body PET scan can be completed in under 5 minutes

A Safer Experience

Combining these benefits gained using the Quadra means that MTIC can provide better diagnosis with a lower radiation risk, which is beneficial for patients requiring multiple scans for screening or follow-up of cancer, children, and pregnant women.

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MTIC connected to the Fuji Synapse MIX

Fast and secure image transfers now available via the MIX system
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First Patient Scanned at MTIC!

on the 14th of February we scanned our first patient on the Quadra
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The Quadra NEMA Testing is Complete

The Quadra completed it's full NEMA testing and is ready to go!
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