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What is 177Lu-PSMA Therapy?

177Lu-PSMA information sheet

177Lu-PSMA Therapy is a targeted therapy that uses the high energy radioactive element of 177Lu (Lutetium) that is bound to a molecule called PSMA (prostate specific membrane antigen). Once it is injected into the body, The 177Lu-PSMA attaches itself to PSMA receptors that appear on prostate cancer cells. The Lutetium produces high energy particles that damages the prostate cells.

Our experienced team of Nuclear Medicine Physicians will accept clinical referrals to assess suitability for patient to receive Lu177-PSMA therapy.   Using targeted imaging to determine eligibility, patients will be placed on a treatment plan under the careful management of our multidisciplinary team in collaboration with a patient treating clinician. Lu177-PSMA therapy will be performed as a day procedure in our dedicated therapy suite by a team comprising of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, nurse, and Nuclear Medicine Physician.

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