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Advanced Diagnosis, Personalised Treatment, Better Patient Outcomes.

A world-class fusion of nuclear medicine, scientific and technical expertise delivering patient-centred precision medicine through clinical PET/CT services, research and development in the emerging field of theranostics.

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Welcome to the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre

Under the leadership of Professor Rod Hicks, the MTIC team will provide access to world-class clinical expertise in theranostics; the combined use of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

MTIC will work in partnership with Precision Molecular Imaging and Theranostics (PreMIT Pty Ltd), to offer a unique integrated clinical and research environment to accelerate access to cutting-edge technologies and treatments.

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​​Professor Rodney Hicks

Founder, Chief Medical Officer, and Board Chair of Precision Molecular Imaging and Theranostics (PreMIT Pty Ltd.)

As a key opinion leader in nuclear medicine and oncology globally, Rod has unparalleled credentials to lead development of novel theranostic paradigms and to coordinate research that seeks to develop molecular imaging probes from target to market.

Professor Hicks has been an innovator in positron emission tomography (PET) and therapeutic use of radiopharmaceuticals for over 30 years. By pioneering multi-tracer PET for profiling of tumour heterogeneity, his innovative thinking and practical application of molecular imaging and theranostic solutions has enabled his academic and industry collaborators to translate personalised medicine from a lofty ideal to reality for many people with cancer.

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A photograph of Professor Rodney Hicks, and older man in a blue suit and glasses smiling.
Professor Rod Hicks is a world-leader in advancing theranostics, especially in the treatment of patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumours and prostate cancer.
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Advanced Diagnosis & Patient Treatment

MTIC has established a partnership with Siemens Healthineers to provide patients with access to absolutely state-of-the-art PET/CT that can simultaneously image the body from the brain to the pelvis. The Siemens Quadra will be the most sensitive PET/CT scanner in Victoria and one of the few such scanners in the world. This technology, in conjunction with access to game-changing diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, will enable MTIC to deliver advanced PET/CT services for patients with known or suspected cancers and other conditions.

A purpose-built theranostic facility will provide access to clinical trials of novel therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals as well as established nuclear medicine therapies. For patients with urological cancers, MTIC’s location adjacent to the Australian Prostate Centre allows comprehensive care planning and theranostic treatments to be delivered at one site.  

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With more than 30-years of international experience as a pioneer in nuclear medicine, PET imaging and theranostics, Professor Rod Hicks has assembled a team of experts from with an enviable track-record of innovation in healthcare delivery.

Including leading specialists in molecular diagnostics, the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals, advanced PET/CT applications, and therapeutic nuclear medicine, the team is united in their passion to improve the experience of diagnosis and treatment planning, and ultimately to deliver better patient outcomes.

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Precision Molecular Imaging and Theranostics (PreMIT)

Under the guidance of its prestigious Scientific Advisory Board, PreMIT integrates the latest developments in genomics and phenotypic characterisation of disease with advanced functional PET/CT imaging and nuclear medicine therapies.

PreMIT, in conjunction with its foundation partners in academia and industry, enable the key barriers to advancement of the theranostic paradigm to be overcome expeditiously and cost-effectively while also delivering a high quality of clinical services through MTIC.

Opportunities exist for researchers and companies to collaborate with PreMIT in the development and testing of PET radiopharmaceuticals and new theranostic paradigms.

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MTIC & PreMIT Partnerships

MTIC, as an innovative imaging and theranotics service, works in synchrony with our scientific and research development arm, PreMIT, to provide an exciting model of patient-centred care. Together with our international clinical, academic and industry partners, we provide eligible patients early access to emerging technologies and enrolment in the latest clinical trials.

Our collaborative partner organisations have capabilities extending from identification of treatment targets right through to diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical manufacture, distribution and clinical application.

"MTIC will use extraordinarily sensitive PET/CT scanner technology combined with access to highly targeted radiopharmaceuticals to better characterise both the extent and nature of disease, informing the best treatment options while avoiding those that are likely to be ineffective, unnecessary or harmful.”
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