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MTIC and our sister research & development entity, PreMIT,  in collaboration with our scientific and industry partnerships, provides unparalleled access to a combination of nuclear medicine technologies, therapeutics and innovative research. Together, we can provide more accurate diagnosis, individualised treatment planning, and the best possible outcomes for patients. Our patient-centred care model will provide options to patients in selecting the preferred next steps in their management. PreMIT, through its MTIC services, and research activities aims to democratise theranostics by increasing access to, and reducing the developmental costs of novel treatment paradigms that would otherwise passed on to patients and Society.

The Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre (MTIC) will deliver a paradigm-shift that embraces application of patient-centred precision medicine based on detailed characterisation of disease using a combination of advanced molecular imaging using state-of-the-art PET/CT technology (Siemens Quadra VISION PET/CT) and selective genomic analysis. Addressing the challenges of more advanced cancers will be a priority but detection of high-risk cancers at an earlier stage will also be enabled by availability of diagnostic approaches with superior sensitivity and specificity compared to current techniques.

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