Precision Molecular Imaging & Theranostics

Under the guidance of its prestigious Scientific Advisory Board, PreMIT will integrate the latest developments in genomics and phenotypic characterisation of disease with advanced molecular imaging and nuclear medicine through clinical services at the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre.

PreMIT and its partners specialise in:

  • Genomics-based target discovery and development of novel radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Validation in pre-clinical and clinical settings of promising PET and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, particularly for theranostic applications; and
  • Optimised delivery of imaging and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals using revolutionary platform technologies including ultra-extended field-of-view PET/CT imaging

PreMIT, in conjunction with its foundation partners in academia and industry enable the key barriers to advancement of the theranostic paradigm to be overcome expeditiously and cost-effectively while also delivering a high quality of clinical services through MTIC.

Together PreMIT, MTIC and future clinical sites will accelerate development and application of highly targeted radionuclide-based therapeutics for patient care and at the same time provide a catalyst to advance Australia to the forefront of precision medicine and health outcomes.

Fundamental to success is PreMIT’s operating paradigm TIGER CUB, which encompasses the key features of translational clinical and research programs through effective partnerships in;

  • Theranostics,
  • Imaging,
  • Genomics,
  • Enabling Platforms Technologies, and
  • Registries

These partnerships will drive a paradigm shift and deliver on the vision for implementation of theranostics as a fundamental component of modern precision medicine. What underpins PreMIT’s success is its collective track record in the successful coordination of stakeholders with expertise or resources within the value-chain from target to market. This involves;

    • Connecting
    • Universities and
    • Business

    Further information on PreMIT Partners.

    For more information regarding PreMIT please call Jon Evans on 0417 380 542.

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