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The Quadra has Landed!

On the 14th of January, the Quadra was lifted into the building

Our New PET/CT Scanner Has Arrived!

On the 14th of January our new PET/CT scanner was delivered to the site on Blackwood Street and then lifted by crane into our level 8 PET/CT scanning room. Special thank you to the COPE team that delivered the scanner and the amazing team of Siemens engineers who completed the install and calibrations.

The Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra

Our new Scanner the Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra is an extended field of view PET/CT Scanner. It has a 106 cm Axial field of view which will allow us to image the whole body faster and will enable us to perform dynamic images to scan radioactive tracers as they travel around the body. The Quadra also has the highest resolution and sensitivity of any PET scanner on the market. This high sensitivity will allow us to provide better diagnosis for our patients while reducing the radiation dose to patients.

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New upgrade for the Quadra!

Our Quadra PET scanner has been upgraded to V20
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First Publication for MTIC!

MTIC is now published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine
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