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First Patient Scanned at MTIC!

on the 14th of February we scanned our first patient on the Quadra

The highly anticipated day has arrived with the first patient ever to be scanned at MTIC! Our team was filled with nerves and excitement to see the culmination of all of the hard work and dedication that has been put in to build and prepare our brand new department.

Overseen by Prof. Rod Hicks, our Technologist and Nursing team prepared and scanned the patient, performing whole body time of injection dynamic imaging as well as delayed imaging. The Quadra performed beautifully, giving us high quality images, showcasing it's high sensitivity and state of the art technology. The dynamic images that we produced would be unattainable on a standard PET scanner as they only have one ring of detectors. With the Quadra's four rings of detectors we can image injections as they travel around the body and localise in different cells.

We are thrilled to be beginning our clinical services!

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