Advanced Diagnosis & Personalised Treatment

Being co-located with Australian Prostate Centre[RH1], the MTIC team will deliver advanced diagnostic services for patients with known or suspected cancers of the prostate, bladder or kidney and access to clinical trials of novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents for these and other cancers.

The MTIC has established a partnership with Siemens Healthineers to provide patients with the worlds most sensitive PET/CT that can simultaneously image the body from the brain to the pelvis. The Siemens Quadra will be the most sensitive PET/CT scanner in Victoria and one of the few such “whole-body” scanners in the world. This game-changing technology delivers much faster, more accurate and lower dose scans, meaning better diagnosis with a lower radiation risk, which is of particular benefit for patients requiring multiple scans for screening or follow-up of cancer, children and pregnant women.  

MTIC provide access to novel therapeutic nuclear medicine agents through compassionate use provisions or as part of clinical trials, MTIC will seek to improve the management of cancer patients.

A Photograph of A PET Scanner
MTIC will deliver individualised treatment planning using the worlds most sensitive PET/CT scanning technology. We will choose the best treatment pathway while avoiding treatment that will likely be ineffective, unnecessary or harmful. We will also avoid futile interventions in cancer patients through access to radiopharmaceuticals that better characterise both the extent and nature of disease.