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Professor Sherene Loi

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Professor Sherene Loi is a medical oncologist specialising in the treatment of breast cancer and a clinician-scientist who leads the Translational Breast Cancer Genomics and Therapeutics Laboratory at the sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology at the University of Melbourne. Sherene will provide advice on combinations of conventional oncological therapies and targeted agents with theranostic agents to improve patient outcomes. In particular, understanding the spectrum of immune responses according to tumour genomic and immune phenotype will help us design future studies of rational combinations that can effectively reactivate beneficial anti-tumour immunity.

Professor Loi is co-chair of the International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG) Scientific Committee based in Switzerland, a non-Executive Board Member and Scientific Advisory Committee Member of the Breast Cancer Trials Group (BCT) of Australia/New Zealand and a Board Member of Breast International Group, Belgium. She has a longstanding interest in the use of PET in therapeutic response assessment of breast cancer and involvement in use of novel radiopharmaceuticals for characterization of this disease.

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