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Professor Richard O. Sinnott


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Professor Richard O. Sinnott is the Director of the Melbourne eResearch Group (www.eresearch.unimelb.edu.au). Richard will be responsible for advice regarding the underlying software platforms and registries that will provide clinical annotation of imaging and genomic data derived within prospective theranostic trials run by PreMIT in partnership with academic and industry partners. His experience in software solutions for collecting patient-related outcome data will be critical to establishing real-world data that is patient-centred.

Professor Sinnott is a software engineer and has been the architect on a portfolio of projects worth over $300m. Many of these have dealt with the most sensitive of datasets covering academia, industry, government and defence. Richard has extensive experience with guiding software and data systems from concept to market, e.g., a centralised, longitudinal, registry of adrenal cancer patients that is currently actively used by over 110 hospitals globally and supports over 40 major (phase 1 to phase 4) clinical trials and studies; a national type-1 diabetes registry for Australasia that automatically extracts health data from over 30 major hospitals and diabetes centres.

In partnership with Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia , Professor Sinnott collaborated with Professor Hicks in conceptualising a smart-phone application for recording quality of life information  in real-time and having this registered in a national database of  related clinical data stored in a national registry of neuroendocrine tumour patients.

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