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Professor Paul Donnelly


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Professor Paul Donnelly is a Professor of Chemistry at the School of Chemistry and Bio21 Research Institute of the University of Melbourne. His expertise is in inorganic chemistry will guide development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Professor Donnelly is an internationally recognised expert in the application of creative synthetic chemistry to achieve innovations in biology with a particular focus on development of imaging probes. He leads a research team that typically consists of 2 Post-Doctoral Fellows, 3 PhD students and 4 MSc/Hons students. Prof Donnelly has >175 publications in leading peer-review journals.

He has made significant contributions to the development of metal-based imaging and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals; new therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases; the use of phosphorescent metal complexes for biological imaging and discovery-based inorganic synthesis. He is a co-inventor (> 15 patents) and a founding scientist of two start-up companies.

Professor Donnelly’s research into metal complexes as neurotherapeutics led to intellectual property that the University licensed to Collaborative Medicinal Development (CMD) and to a Phase 2a clinical trial.

Agents co-developed by Professors Donnelly and Hicks have passed through preclinical development into early human trials in Australia and internationality under license to Clarity Pharmaceuticals.

Professor Donnelly also has patents on zirconium antibody conjugates that are licensed to Telix Pharmaceuticals, an Australian biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Professor Donnelly has also recently established a joint venture with Cyclotek to support students developing novel radiopharmaceuticals.

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