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Associate Professor Richard Tothill

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Associate Professor Richard Tothill is a Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader of the Rare Disease Oncogenomics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research. Richard will bring expertise in population-based discovery and patient-centred genomic characterisation to advise strategic development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms for uncommon cancers.

Richard is a former member of the Hicks lab at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, at which maintains an honorary appointment. He is an emerging leader in the field of cancer genomics, leading an international consortium evaluating a rare familial cancer.

He has extensive experience in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry (1998-2000, Glaxo-Welcome Genetics Division, UK). Past and current research has encompassed genomic landscape analyses of solid adult cancers incorporating the methods of DNA sequencing and gene- expression profiling with an emphasis on genomic pathology and precision medicine.

Diseases studied have included ovarian cancer, cancers of unknown primary and more recently neuroendocrine tumours such as Merkel cell carcinoma, phaeochromocytoma/paraganglioma and gastroenteropancreatic NETs.

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